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Click the above image to have an inside view of our entire Restaurant in the form of tour. For closer look of any part, click on it. For navigation drag the screen omnidirectional. Click the above image to see the still Photo Gallery of our Restaurant. In the gallery click on any image to enlarge.

"KHANDELAA" a village in Rajasthan brought you the first authentic food in India in 1802. We are back in the city of Taj with a contemporary new look and location to mesmerize the old days charm.

True to its name "KHANDELAA" brings together an amazing assortment of food.

Sai Khandelaa Restaurant Our restaurant The Sai Khandelāā is an inspired choice of venue for a meeting, conference, seminar or an occasion. It has 2 conference rooms and private dining in different sizes and decorative styles, for 50 to 100 guests. The service begins from the moment you decide to stay.